RigeneranD has developed an innovative integrated system for stem cells expansion targeting the needs of academic laboratories and pharmaceutical cell factories (cGMP) to improve stem cell production.

This isolated culture system, named ISOCULT, is capable of satisfying the following needs of large and clinical grade stem cells expansion:

  • To minimize laboratory/cGMP space, with drastic reduction of conventional incubators
  • To improve safety, abrogating contamination risks
  • To lower workmanship costs by introducing automatic production
  • To reduce culture media volume
  • To reduce production costs
  • To improve transportability of expanded cells

The technology relies on RanD pluriannual experience in biomedical device production and on the long experience on stem cell biology of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Below the main features of ISOCULT.


  • Closed and safe system
  • 3D integrated matrix
  • Integrated oxygenation membranes
  • Fully compatible connections with known medical devices
  • Transportability
  • Processing costs


  • Lean cells management process
  • Increase cell yields/surface ratios
  • Overall volume reduction
  • Optimal growth condition in a close environment
  • Compatibility and adaptability to standard procedures
  • Effective deliverability due to the close system and the limited size
  • Culture medium reduction and saving on handling time


  • Enhancing safety
  • Decreasing culture surface expansion and CO2 incubators number
  • High cellular products recovery, even at high cell density
  • From conventional /static to dynamic culturing methods
  • Direct transferring from laboratory to patient site
  • Lowering production costs
  • Facilitating product introduction into clinical applications by compliance to regulatory frameworks

Product pipeline

Based on ISOCULT platform, RigeneranD is developing the following pipelines:

  • Providing the system with different types of reabsorbable biomaterials for tissue engineering
  • Increasing the transportability of the system aiming to a direct delivery of stem cells at patient bed
  • Generating 3D cell culture system as tool for drug discovery
  • Generating 3D stem cell culture system as tool for drug delivery