The company is committed to introduce into market both innovative biomedical devices supporting the isolation and expansion of cells for pre-clinical and clinical applications and cell/gene therapy products with a main focus in cancer

Founded back in 2009 as a spin-off resulting from a joint venture between the biomedical company RanD and researchers from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in 2016 Rigenerand was funded by Principia SGR which allowed investments in new technologies and the realization of a 500 sqm cell factory for the development of cell-based products

Rigenerand has two divisions one developing and manufacturing biodisposables – Rignerand BioDi – for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and one developing gene therapy programs for solid tumors – Rignerand Thera

The technology relies on RanD considerable experience in biomedical device production based on 3D synthetic matrix and on the recognized know-how on stem cells and their applications in regenerative medicine and oncology of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia researchers

Filling Technologicaland Therapeutics Gaps

Rigenerand wants to develop and produce innovative products for pre-clinical and clinical applications of cell-based technologies for regenerative medicine and oncology.

Our philosophy is driven by the need to fill gaps in novel generation 3D diagnostics and cell manufacturing based on novel biomedical devices that conjugate precision medicine, safety, low cost of manufacturing and a progressive automation.

Simultaneously, Rigenerand aims to fill therapeutics gaps for still incurable diseases by manufacturing smart treatments, also based on gene-modified effectors cells.


Rigenerand BioDi develops and produces technologies for ex-vivo application of human cells for diagnostics and therapeutics

Rigenerand Thera generates products based on gene-modified effector cells for cancer treatments. Rigenerand Thera cGMP facility and qualified operators can manufacture cells as CRO for the clinical indication desired.

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